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ASEP – Association of School Ed Tech Providers, A Promising Step to Empower Digital Education Adoption in Schools

Making concerted efforts to enhance the quality of school education in India, the Government, NGOs, System Integrators, Edtech companies, and various other stakeholders in the education ecosystem are working together to advance digital education in schools, especially post the NEP 2020

Recognizing the immense potential of technology in reshaping the digital education landscape in schools,  Ed-Tech providers have united to form the Association of School Ed-tech Providers (ASEP) in July 2023. This indeed is a much-needed strategic step forward to strengthen the adoption and integration of digital education into our school education system in India. 

ASEP Vision

The stated vision of ASEP is to help all K-12 service providers work together towards enabling trans-disciplinary and holistic betterment of each K-12 student’s learning environment. 

Association of School Ed Tech Providers (ASEP)

ASEP currently consists of some of the founding school EdTech providers who have seeded this initiative, and more partners can apply and join the Association through a process that has been defined on the website of ASEP

The association intends to onboard responsible and growth-oriented school EdTech providers who can have a collective voice and work to strengthen the EdTech adoption and aspired learning outcomes in schools.  

Primary Objectives of ASEP

  • Promoting Digital Adoption to enhance the teaching and learning experience and make digital means accessible, engaging, and interactive for both students and teachers. 
  • Develop Comprehensive Teacher Training Programs to enable teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms and adapt to contemporary teaching approaches.
  • Enhancing Learning-Teaching Outcomes by collaborating with member organizations and schools to develop and deploy tools and methodologies to optimize student engagement, facilitate personalized learning, and strengthen academic achievement.
  • Engage with Policy Makers to ensure the smooth integration of technology in education and create an enabling environment for all stakeholders.
Accelerate digitalization in education & make Indian schools future-ready with ASEP

ASEP: Addressing the Need of the Hour in Education

In light of the current educational landscape, the Government of India has been actively taking measures to address the challenges in the education sector. One significant step in this direction is the implementation of the Samagra Shiksha, a comprehensive scheme for School Education functioning as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme. However, there was also a need for collaboration among various educational providers who share a common vision. 

By coming together under the umbrella of ASEP (Association for Educational Providers), these stakeholders will discuss and find effective solutions to the challenges in education. Through collaborative efforts, ASEP endeavors to bring about positive changes and ensure a brighter future for education in India.

ASEP: A Great Step To Empower Digital Education Adoption in Schools

ASEP’s emphasis on bridging the gap between traditional teaching methods and the digital age demands. Marking a significant step forward in empowering the adoption of digital education in schools, ASEP invites ed-tech providers, educational institutions, policymakers, and other stakeholders to collaborate in this journey. Together, we can embrace the potential of technology-enabled education and make Indian schools future-ready.

We at iDream Education shall look forward to being considered for participating in ASEP and collectively driving the shared vision of ensuring the best of digital education adoption and outcomes at schools in Pan India, including the last mile government schools.


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Ayushi Agarwal is an Assistant Manager - Marketing & Content Writing at iDream Education. For 6+ years, she has been writing to create an impact through her powerful content on humanity, equality, and many more issues that have been a key part of today’s world.


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