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Digital Classroom In Schools – Enhancing The Academic Outcomes

Digital Classroom with iPrep Digital Class Enhancing Academic Outcomes
Digital Classroom with iPrep Digital Class Enhancing Academic Outcomes

In the 21st century, technology has become an integral part of our lives. We use it for everything from communication and entertainment to work and learning. It’s no surprise then that the education sector has also embraced technology in the form of the digital classroom. 

The digital classroom is a new and innovative way of teaching and learning that uses digital technologies to Enhance Academic Outcomes. It’s a smart class that employs a variety of audio-visual aids to make learning more interactive and engaging. 

It helps deliver classroom instruction in a much more efficient manner as compared to traditional methods. When induced in a traditional classroom setting, it supplements the teaching process and takes the output to a significantly greater pedestal. 

In this blog post, we’ll go deeper into the understanding of what all additional benefits can Technology-enhanced learning with a digital smart classroom setup bring to a school or an educational institution that can overall enhance the academic outcomes of the students. But before that let us first understand in detail what exactly is a digital classroom. 

What is a Digital Classroom?

A Digital Classroom is a type of classroom where one or more digital tools are used to teach and learn. It can involve using Smart Class on Smart TVs, Interactive Whiteboards or Flat Panels, and projectors, or it can involve using computers or tablets. In short, it is a digital form of a classroom.

We here want to focus more on the smart class version of a digital classroom where with the help of equipment like smart TVs, Interactive Flat Panels, Projectors, etc. a traditional classroom is converted into a digital smart classroom. 

Here teachers use this equipment to deliver their lectures. This equipment mostly has preloaded learning content that teachers can use and operate through either touch or remote. Some even have features where teachers can write, draw and erase on these smart class setups using digital pens. 

That is not it, one of the rare but most useful features in these smart class setups is usage reporting. Some of these devices have usage tracking enabled in them that records what is explored on the device in a classroom. 

All that in an up-to-the-mark quality is what comes as a package in the iPrep Digital Class. It is an easy-to-use, new-age Smart Classroom solution to empower 21st-century schools and teachers with the best of Digital Content & Resources. It greatly simplifies Smart Class setup for schools with efficient hardware options, digital content on any OS, and integrated offline reporting with auto sync to cloud-based monitoring dashboards. All of that makes iPrep Digital Class a great choice for converting a traditional classroom to a digital classroom.

Thousands of schools are currently using the same and lakhs of students are currently being benefitted from it. And that is just the beginning. But, keeping the effectiveness of iPrep Digital Class aside, let us now talk about how the digital classroom setup enhances the academic outcomes of students. 

How can a digital classroom enhance a school’s academic outcome?

Digital classrooms can have a positive impact on academic outcomes in several ways:

By Supplementing the teaching process

Digital classrooms can be a great supplement to the traditional teaching process by providing teachers with multimedia content such as videos, animations, e-books, etc. The digital smart classroom setup allows teachers to deliver their lectures in a much more visual and dynamic manner. All that is sure to make the learning process more stimulating and exciting for the students especially when you compare it with the traditional methods of teaching. And that way it enhances the academic output 

Similarly, with the iPrep Digital Class, which is a great choice for converting a traditional classroom into a digital classroom, there is a comprehensive and enjoyable set of learning and growth content that teachers can use to supplement their teaching. It has video lessons with real-life connected animations, practice with instant feedback, practicals, digital syllabus books, notes, and assessments with exam preparation. All that comes together to make the learning experience more exciting and stimulating and thus supplements the teaching process.

Enhancing student engagement

The audio-visual systems and content that are used in the digital classroom setups are proven not only to grab student attention but also help them better understand the subject matter at hand irrespective of their complexities. All that together enhances student engagement and takes it to significantly higher levels which ensures better academic outcomes.

iPrep Digital Class takes it to another level. With an interesting set of video lessons with real-life connected examples, our learning platform iPrep makes it easier for teachers to teach even the most complex of topics and subjects in a much more effective manner. And when students can easily register the lectures delivered to them, the knowledge gained stays with them for a longer time. 

Also, the practice with instant feedback present in iPrep Digital Class is a highly engaging way to refine the learning gained by students and make them feed the information in their minds for a longer period. That is another major element that makes iPrep Digital Class a great choice for converting a traditional classroom into a digital classroom.

By giving access to efficient teaching resources

As we already discussed, digital classroom setups come with access to highly efficient teaching resources. All those resources are sure to help teachers deliver their lectures with much more efficiency and ease. And with iPrep digital Class, it goes even beyond. 

There are multiple categories of highly enjoyable, engaging, and thus efficient learning resources present in our digital smart classroom solution the iPrep Digital class which will altogether ensure a better academic performance of the students. And the best part? All these resources are preloaded on the iPrep Digital Class for offline usage. So an internet connection won’t ever be a challenge. All that makes the digital classroom setup with iPrep Digital Class, a solution that take the process of teaching and learning to another level.

Digital Classroom With Highly Enjoyable Learning Content
Digital Classroom With Highly Enjoyable Learning Content

By empowering teachers with real-time tracking:

Some Digital classrooms come with features that can provide teachers with a real-time track of the progress they’ve been making using the digital smart classroom setup. That helps them first understand the gaps they and their students may have. It also helps them plan their lectures better and never let their students miss out on anything. 

Similarly, our educational software on the iPrep Digital Class has a real-time usage tracking system that keeps complete track of every usage point in real-time. It then curates and sends the same information to us at our cloud-based reporting dashboard. 

Digital Classroom Usage Tracking Reports
Digital Classroom Usage Tracking Reports

Keeping all the points mentioned above in mind, a digital classroom setup like the iPrep Digital Class is sure to enhance the academic output of the students. Let us understand how teachers can create an effective experience with the digital smart Classroom setup. To be completely sure about the information we do share, we’ll use the example of iPrep Digital Class. 

How can teachers create an effective digital classroom experience with iPrep Digital Class? 

To create an effective experience with the digital classroom setup, teachers can- 

Smartly include the use of the digital classroom setup in their lesson plan

If teachers have been provided with iPrep digital Classes, they need to first consider using them as a major part of their lesson plan. What they can do is that after the traditional blackboard lesson delivery, they can show the enjoyable video lessons presented in the iPrep Digital Class to the students to give them more clarity on the topic. 

They can also have a practice session with the students to strengthen their grip on the topic’s understanding. This will allow teachers to create engaging and interactive lessons for their students.

Further, instead of using paper books themselves and asking their students to do the same, teachers can make use of the digital syllabus books which are simply digital textbooks, present in the iPrep Digital Class. This will ensure that during classes, both they and their students are on the same page and their students are accurately following their instructions. 

Lastly, they can make consistent use of the reports section to ensure that they are covering each topic and the classroom collectively increasing their levels of mastery in all subjects with time. 

All that together will ensure that the teachers make the best use of the digital classroom setup- the iPrep Digital Class for enhancing the academic outcomes of the students. 


To conclude, a Digital Classroom setup can surely enhance the academic outcomes of students by supplementing the teaching process, making classrooms more interactive and engaging, empowering teachers with real-time tracking, and giving them access to efficient teaching resources. If teachers do get their hands on these setups and if they are willing to make the best out of them by smartly including their usage in their lesson plans, nobody can ever stop their students from flourishing academically. 

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