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The Non-Negotiable Checklist Of A Smart Class Setup

Smart classes have become a catchphrase in the education industry in recent years. A smart class setup is a contemporary classroom outfitted with technology to supplement the teaching process and enhance the student’s educational experience. 

A Smart Class Setup Checklist With iPrep Digital Class
A Smart Class Setup Checklist With iPrep Digital Class

Combining traditional instructional techniques with digital technology, it is an innovative and interactive approach to education. A smart class setup is essential because it can enable students to learn more effectively and efficiently, while also making the learning process more engaging and enjoyable.

In this blog, we will discuss the prerequisites for a smart class setup in your classroom. A smart classroom consists of hardware, software, instructional materials, classroom administration, and maintenance and troubleshooting. All of these components must be present and functioning properly for a smart classroom to be effective.

Check 1: A Compatible Hardware

Hardware is the initial component of a smart class setup. A display device, a projector or Smart TV, interactive whiteboards or flat panels, and a strong inbuilt sound system are necessary hardware components for a smart class setup. 

Smart TVs are an excellent option for smart classrooms due to their simple installation and high-quality imagery. Teachers and students can interact with digital content using interactive whiteboards and flat panels, which is excellent for collaborative learning. Additionally, projectors can display content on a larger screen. 

In short, all these hardware options are compatible with a smart class setup, the decision now depends upon the budget and infrastructure availability of a school or a project that covers 1 or more schools. 

The smart class solution by iDream Education called the iPrep Digital Class comes with a decent number of highly efficient hardware options that can fit in all kinds of budgets without any hassle. It works on all major Smart Class hardware including Android-based Smart TVs, Interactive Flat Panels, Projectors, and Interactive White Boards.

Also, infrastructure is never a barrier when it comes to iPrep Digital Class. We have installed our smart class setup in one of the most infrastructurally challenging schools too and therefore we are sure that our solution can fit any sort of infrastructure there in a school. 

Check 2: An Accordingly Compatible Software

Software is the second most important component of a smart class setup. The software of the learning platform that will be installed on the smart class should be compatible with the operating system of the Hardware that is to be used in the classroom. Also, it is essential that the software is up-to-date and contains the most recent features.

The learning platform that comes with iPrep Digital Class is universally accessible. It means that it can be installed directly on Open Source Android that comes with IFPs and Smart TVs or on Windows, Linux OS on OPS/Mini PC, or Desktops. So no matter what hardware we chose for the smart class setup, iPrep digital Class will be applicable to implement.  

Check 3: Learning Content Inbuilt On The Smart Class Setup

The third element of an effective smart class setup is an effective collection of learning content. The content in itself is the biggest driver of actual usage of the smart class setup. There is no point in having a smart class setup in a school when it is not being used. Therefore the content should be good and valuable enough for both teachers and students to have the motivation to use the setup.  

The content should be entertaining, exhaustive, and cover a broad range of topics. It should be tailored to the student’s requirements and accessible in multiple formats, including text, audio, and video.

That is exactly what we provide with iPrep Digital Class. It offers rich digital content for classes 1st to 12th all subjects including animated lessons, practice with instant feedback, practicals, digital syllabus books, notes, and assessments with exam preparation in English, Hindi, and other language mediums.

A smart Class Setup With Learning Content
A smart Class Setup With Learning Content

With this content, one can be assured that the smart class setups will be used proactively. At least that is what the usage analytics of our thousands of smart class setups across the country do suggest. 

Check 4: Classroom Administration Through the Smart Class Setup

Classroom management is the fourth most important element of a smart class setup. It entails establishing a classroom routine and monitoring the classroom’s progress. A smart classroom should be equipped with tools such as usage tracking systems that enable teachers to monitor classroom progress in real-time.

Just Like the reports section on the iPrep Digital Class. It records the usage of iPrep Digital Class in real time. To elaborate, it records what a teacher explores in the iPrep Digital Class to deliver their lectures. It then curates and sends the same information to us at our cloud-based reporting dashboard.

Smart Class Setup With Usage Monitoring Reports
Smart Class Setup With Usage Monitoring Reports

Check 5: Maintenance and Troubleshooting Requirements

Maintenance and troubleshooting is the fifth and concluding aspect of a smart classroom setup. Regular maintenance of hardware and software is necessary for the proper operation of the smart class setup. Additionally, teachers should be trained to troubleshoot common technical issues, such as connectivity issues and software bugs.

The two are significantly present in our iPrep Digital Class solution. We give thorough and highly comprehensive training to all the teachers at the time of the implementation of the iPrep Digital Class on how to put it to best use. Following that, we pay a monthly visit to all the schools where we implement the solution. During this visit, we cover the health check-up of the equipment to ensure it is in good shape and suitable for best usage. Also, we ensure that both the teachers ans students are actively using or are receiving learnings from our solutions. 

At last, our customer support team is always available to record and resolve all sorts of maintenance issues if any. However, their numbers have been significantly low as both the hardware we chose and the software we do provide are highly durable. Durability and effective quality have always been our focus in terms of choosing hardware and building our software. 


In conclusion, a smart classroom consists of hardware, software, instructional content, classroom administration, as well as maintenance, and troubleshooting. All of these elements are necessary for a successful smart classroom experience. To ensure a successful smart class experience, it is essential to ensure that all components are present and functioning properly. The future of digital classrooms is promising, and we can expect further technological advancements to enhance students’ learning experiences.

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