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Google Ads and the story of taking enjoyable Digital Learning to the Last Mile Learner

Google, Android, and Whatsapp largely drive the interface to technology for millions of first-time digital users in India.

The familiarity which rural users have with android smartphones is in fact a critical insight. Therefore, around that, we designed our student-centric digital learning solutions to deliver to the last mile learners.

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with Exchange4Media about how we are leveraging the familiarity of rural users with android and Google Ads to deliver enjoyable digital learning solutions to the last-mile learners.

Further, Puneet Goyal, our co-founder very aptly says that ” The consumer is now opting for value-based marketing, they are not looking for push marketing”. And it is here that high-quality value-added content along with effective usage of Google Ads did help us to connect online with key decision-makers in the social impact space.

Puneet talks about all this and beyond in much more detail here.

What has been your experience with Google Ads in your business? Also, Have they been helping you to increase your reach and drive sales?

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