Big Leap from Blackboards to Android Projector-Based Smart Classrooms

Smart class in schools of Varanasi

With continuous work with different schools, teachers, and students, the people of Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra (SSK) NGO are aware of the education situation in Varanasi, like the lack of infrastructure and faculties in government schools.

From a small discussion with teachers, the coordinators of SSK found out that students of remote areas of Varanasi think “digital education is only for the people of big cities like Delhi, & Mumbai”. Teachers also mentioned that students lack interest in learning and therefore avoid attending school. They also continued to say that “and because we are only 6 or 7 for 100s of students in the school, we are unable to give attention to individual students which is also one of the reasons for less involvement of students in learning. 

This is when project heads of SSK NGO reached us with the thought of enabling digital education in 11 Government Schools of Varanasi

Collaboration with iDream Education

Under this partnership, iDream Education set up an Android Projector-Based Smart Class in schools of Varanasi to introduce blended learning in their traditional classrooms. It was a projector setup with a Pendrive plugged in that has all digital content preloaded for offline digital teaching.

teachers training for on using smart class

Teacher’s training on using Smart Class

Project Components

  • Digital content aligned to UP Board Curriculum for all classes from 1 to 8th in Hindi Medium, helping students adapt to digital content just like their textbooks.
  • Academic content for all subjects, EVS, Maths, Science, Social Science, English Grammar, Hindi Vyakran, and computer in the form of animated video lessons, and digital syllabus books to build conceptual understanding of students.
  • Activity videos and comprehensive digital book library with thousands of books on health, safety, sanitation, inspirational biographies and much more for holistic learning of students.
  • Assessment and MCQ style practice questions for the interactive classroom session.
  • Reporting dashboard for continuous monitoring of teachers over usage of digital content in their regular teaching routine.

Smart Class setup, a beacon of hope for students and teachers

Implementing the Smart Class setup was a beacon of hope for students that now they could also learn from smart classes like students of private schools. “…Thank you! Now, I will also be able to learn like people of big cities Bombay, Delhi…”, said little Nitin, a 5th class student. Teachers were also happy that now they could give personalised attention to individual students, which may increase students’ interest in school and studies.

Impact of the Project

  • Smart Class set-up became a Natural Adoption

Because all the content is available on Pendrive, teachers just turn the device on, teach and turn it off, and because it is accessed through a remote, teachers naturally got comfortable with it and used it just like the TV in their homes. 

  • Increase productivity of teachers  

From the feedback given by teachers, we learnt that the best part of a smart class setup to them is display is in Hindi. They say, “it is very easy for us to navigate, find video lessons and teach through it”. Further, because the content of all the subjects for all classes is also in Hindi, teachers have made the smart classes a regular part of their teaching routine. 

  • Increase in student-teacher engagement

As all the digital content given to them is aligned to UP Board, they did not have to put any extra effort into switching to digital. When they saw animated educational videos and digital books exactly what was given in their textbooks, their interest in digital content increased. From the discussion with teachers after a month, our team figured out the key driving factors of increased engagement of students in learning are video lessons, activity videos, and practice questions. Teachers say, 

It has become easy for us to make them understand complex concepts which used to consume our most time”. 

Their principal said, 

“… I never knew if a smart class can lead to such curiosity among students.  After the training day, I noticed a dramatic change in my students. Students who were absent for the last few days got to know from their neighbour friends that our school that got a learning TV and now I see these kids daily in this smart classroom…” 

teachers practicing smart class set up in classroom

Teachers accessing digital teaching device just like they access TV in their homes

This way smart class set-up not only increased the student-teacher engagement but also reduced absenteeism. As a result, in very little time, they got comfortable with the smart class and made it a regular part of their teaching and learning routine.

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