PC Free Smart Class: Complementing Natural Psychology of Teachers

teachers using smart tv for classroom

As per the recent national survey conducted by the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Development (CTLD), BML Munjal University indicated that more than 34% of teachers found online teaching tough, as they were not tech-friendly and 32% were unable to make out what was happening at the student’s end like whether students are paying attention to classroom teaching or not.  Further, some teachers also mentioned that they miss the warmth and personal interaction with students. Therefore, they are keen to get back to “normal” teaching as soon as possible. But in today’s education system, a blend of technology in a traditional classroom setting has become significant to make learning and teaching interactive and interesting. Thus, teachers have to become tech-friendly.

So, as a part of the learning ecosystem, we have simplified the smart class hardware by making it all about “One Screen, that is PC Free Smart Class”, just like the TV in our homes. It has eliminated infrastructural and psychological barriers limiting technology use in the school. 

So, let us tell you how PC Free Smart Class has eliminated these barriers.

PC free Smart class is just one screen which requires maximum half an hour to setup. It can be set up on any wall with one stand and 4 screws. When we go for setting up PC Free Smart Class in schools, we have always noticed some level of curiosity in government school teachers like, “How simple is it to set up this device?” and “Will it be this easy for use also?” They willingly ask us about its content and features and also access it on their own through the remote, just like they access TV in their homes. During these times, we learned that with infrastructural barriers, we have also been able to cope with psychological barriers which limit the use of Smart Classes. 

What psychological barrier have we eliminated with PC-free Smart Class?

Let’s go back to the times of our parents to understand the natural psychology of adoption

When I talk to my parents about life in their times, they say, “…in our times we only had newspapers, radio, and books and television were evolving, where we had only one TV commonly used by all the people in a home …” Without any training the generations got comfortable with advanced devices which now have become an integral part of their lives. 

In alignment with the comfort of teachers with TV in their homes, we have simplified conventional smart classroom setup with PC Free Smart Class. With this, we eliminated the need for all its complex components like CPU, projector, Keyboard, and mouse. Now it is all about one screen that can be accessed through a remote. Further, all the content is made available offline on Pendrive, where teachers just need to plug the Pendrive, choose necessary categories through remote, and are good to teach.

Incidents that pushed us to relate PC Free smart class with TV in our homes

After the training of PC free smart class setup in school supported by Sambhavana NGO, one of the teachers took the remote from our team member and said

“…Oh, it’s just like the TV in my home. The navigating options are very simple, just like changing channels. This is easy and not like what I thought. When I heard of smart class, I thought this would be another add-on to school infrastructure and we teachers won’t be able to teach through this, but now I am confident of using it ….”

-Said one of the teachers

Similarly, in one of our projects which was supported by End Poverty projects, we provided the school with an interactive flat panel display that is accessed through touch, and it also resulted in high teacher involvement. When we were showing them the way to use it, one teacher came forward and said:

“… Let me do it. I will change the language. Ok! Now I have to choose the class and subject. Arey Wah! It’s very simple; oh we have video lessons too….


A teacher of government school learning an easy way of digital teaching through an Interactive Flat Display Panel through touch
The overwhelming response and curiosity of the teachers left us awestruck. We felt pleased when teachers liked it, used it, and admired it. 

Why do we think PC Free Smart Class is easy to use for teachers?

PC Free Smart Class interactive flat panels for schools are designed to help teachers manage their classes easily. It just requires Plug and Play to start classroom sessions just like we switch on the TV in our homes. PC Free Smart Class is easy to use for teachers because:

  • Simplified hardware: 

We have simplified the hardware by reducing its components to one screen. It can be set up in any school, on any classroom wall in just half-hour with one stand & 4 screws. Moreover, it is nothing alien and is designed keeping in mind the technological friendliness of teachers with TV in their homes.

  • Aligns with teaching pedagogy: 

The digital syllabus books and animated video lessons are designed just like the textbooks which motivate teachers to teach through a digital teaching device on a regular basis. Further, teaching became more simple for teachers with the integration of the Learning Management System, that comprises a list of all teaching material in alignment with their textbooks. 

  • Multilingual platform: 

We enable content in Hindi, English, and other regional languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, and Oriya because we believe that the availability of navigating options in teachers’ preferred language motivates them to use it on their own on a daily basis. When teachers see that they can use the platform in their preferred language, they naturally wish to access digital content and teach through it.

  • Engaging classroom content:

To suit the different learning abilities of different students, we enable multiple categories of digital content. The content is in the form of animated educational videos to build concepts, digital syllabus books to refer to anytime, and notes for quick revision. We also provide life skills and growth-based content like DIY project videos for practical and fun learning students. Additionally, we give access to inspirational stories, poems, and biographies for the holistic growth of students. Lastly, we give MCQ style Practice questions for an interactive classroom experience.

  • Availability of monthly reports: 

To ensure regular usage of digital content in PC Free smart class setup, we share monthly usage reports of teachers with the principal.  This helps them keep track of their teachers’ involvement in digital content.

It is designed to empower Govt. School teachers to supplement their teaching with digital learning solutions

Digital education is part of the wider vision of India


डिजिटल एजुकेशन भारत का व्‍यापक विजन का हिसा

-Honorable PM Narendra Modi Ji

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