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Creating an Engaging and Enjoyable Teaching Experience with Smart Class Setup in Schools of UP, MP and Haryana

PC Free smart class in for haryana, govt. schools for digital teaching

ntegrating smart classroom technology into schools brings exciting opportunities for interactive learning. However, traditional setups, such as computer labs and projector-based smart classes, leads to various challenges for schools and teachers. These include logistical issues, like setup time and maintenance, as well as the resistance to change from teachers accustomed to conventional teaching methods. Despite recognizing the potential benefits, many schools struggle to effectively implement and utilize smart class devices. Let’s explore one example to understand these challenges better.

Example of underutilized ICT Lab in school of Haryana

Govt. Sr. Sec. School Nangal Jamalpur in Rewari, Haryana, has had a computer lab for many years, but it is not used regularly. Most of the computers are covered in dust, some are even treated like junk. When teachers were asked why they don’t use it for teaching, one said, “It’s really tough to take students there every day. And even if we manage, it takes lot of time to set up everything and then teach with it.” Even though they know using smart technology can help students learn better, they prefer the old-fashioned blackboard and textbooks because it’s easier. But they don’t want to put in the effort for something that eats up half their time just to start teaching with it.

Seeing this situation, members of the End Poverty NGO who closely work with schools and teachers expressed the need for a more effective way to utilize the funds and digital resources provided to government schools.

What did they do?

At that moment, the NGO partnered with iDream Education to introduce the iPrep Digital class in government schools across 16 districts in Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

In the mentioned school, teachers requested a Smart class setup in their Chemistry Lab. Upon our return for a follow-up visit after training, the teachers showcased experiments on a large screen while students simultaneously conducted the same experiments in the lab.

Digital is now becoming a natural part of teaching, and the hardware, along with the digital content has begun to be used regularly by the teachers for experimental videos, academic video lessons, and also for tracking their own usage of digital content through a reporting dashboard. This implementation of digital classrooms successfully eliminated the infrastructural and psychological challenges that limit the use of technology by teachers. 

But how did this happen?

Unlike a computer lab or a conventional smart class setup that requires a lot of accessories, an iPrep Digital Class is a single equipment Smart Class that is set up using either an Interactive Flat Panel Display or Smart TV for classrooms.

A smart class setup in UP, MP and Haryana by iDream Education in collaboration with End Poverty NGO. The image shows a well-equipped classroom with smart tv indicating a digital learning environment

In this collaboration with End Poverty NGO, we implemented a 50inch Mi TV smart class setup, which just requires a wall in the room or lab to hang the TV with one stand and 4 screws. It is a simple setup process that the local electrician can easily perform in less than 30 minutes. 

Reaction of Teachers Towards a Smart Class Setup

When teachers saw smart class setup, they thought if it’s that simple to set up, then using and handling it shouldn’t be hard either. And that’s exactly what they witnessed when we began the training. Just like they use the TV at home, in a similar way, they accessed the TV in their school and used digital content with their remote in front of us.

One teacher at the end of our training came forward and said, 

“…Oh, with content, its display is also in Hindi. Glad! I would be able to navigate through it very easily; as you can see, the settings on my phone are also in Hindi….” 

Therefore, we say iPrep Digital Class in the form of PC Free Smart Class setup. It fits the natural psychology of teachers using a TV in their homes. Plus, we implemented smart classes with offline digital content on iPrep, removing their dependence on the internet. They just need to plug the Pendrive, play their lesson videos, and teach through it. 

The Result

Teachers no longer resist using technology for teaching. In fact, they have happily supplemented their classroom teaching with digital content provided in the Smart Class setup. Regular usage with no hassles has enabled them to increase classroom engagement. They now strongly believe that they would also be able to achieve improvement in educational outcomes. 

At iDream Education, we continue to support schools, students, and teachers through our different digital learning and teaching solutions. Additionally, we keep in touch with them every month by sharing usage data, which helps the school principal evaluate teachers’ contributions to every class, identify challenges, and plan repetitive training whenever necessary. 

If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, visit or write to us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions -

1. What are the leading Smart Classes projects in UP?

iDream Education is changing how students learn in Uttar Pradesh. Our iPrep Digital Class solution is making education more interactive and engaging in over 5000 classrooms. Our focus on accessibility and user-friendly technology means that students and teachers benefit from a seamless transition, creating a joyful learning environment. We work closely with the government, hardware providers, and NGOs to make this possible.

2. What is the impact of smart class initiatives in UP, MP and Haryana?

Through collaborative partnerships with corporates, NGOs, hardware providers, and the government, iDream Education's digital learning solution has positively impacted lakhs of students and thousands of teachers throughout MP, UP, and Haryana. Teachers are readily integrating smart classes into their regular teaching instruction. This consistent use of digital resources is increasing classroom engagement. The user-friendly nature and seamless setup of iPrep Digital Class is facilitating a favorable enhancment in teaching practices.

3. What are the names of smart class provider in UP with UP Board Content?

iDream Education, their K-12 learning platform iPrep offers fully aligned and updated content as per UP State Board guidelines. It is designed in alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) to ensure that the educational experiences of K-12 students closely adhere to state board frameworks.

4. What are the names of smart class provider in MP with MP Board Content?

iDream Education, their K-12 learning platform iPrep offers fully aligned and updated content as per MP State Board guidelines. It is designed in alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) to ensure that the educational experiences of K-12 students closely adhere to state board frameworks.

Ayushi Agarwal is an Assistant Manager - Marketing & Content Writing at iDream Education. For 6+ years, she has been writing to create an impact through her powerful content on humanity, equality, and many more issues that have been a key part of today’s world.

[email protected]

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