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How to Use a Tablet for Teaching? Tips and Tricks for Maximum Classroom Engagement

Teacher using a tablet for teaching to engage students in classroom learning

With the schemes and initiatives of government-providing tablets for teaching, one might assume the approach to teaching will also change. However, many teachers remain hesitant to fully use these devices, missing out on the opportunities the teacher tab offers. 

Based on our extensive experience working with government school teachers, we learned that one significant factor hindering the adoption of teacher tabs: is a resistance to technology in general, not solely limited to tablets but extending to all classroom devices. Recognizing this, we have fine-tuned our solutions, including smart classrooms, digital libraries, and tablets, with a focus on user-friendliness and intuitive design. By prioritizing a seamless user experience, we aim to eliminate any hesitation teachers may have, encouraging them to confidently use technology to deliver engaging lessons and foster a collaborative learning environment.

To maximize the use of teacher tablets, we should first focus on prioritizing the needs of teachers such as:

Choosing the Right Tablet for teachers: 

Based on our extensive experience collaborating with teachers, we understand that they are most comfortable with their Android-based mobile devices. Given this natural friendliness for Android phones, Android tablets present a seamless transition and an ideal device to encourage regular use of technology by teachers. The familiar interface and intuitive functionality of Android tablets make them a user-friendly and accessible option for teachers to incorporate into their daily routines.

Essential Apps for Teachers: 

Simply providing the device will not be enough; it will merely add another piece of technology in  teachers’ hands. Instead, the emphasis should be on equipping teacher tablets with educational software that enhances teaching by making it more engaging, simple, and efficient. Preinstalled educational solutions on tablets can assist teachers in planning structured lessons, teaching with diverse content, and developing personalized classroom instruction.

Considering this, we have developed an educational solution specifically for teacher tablets called iPrep Coach.

The Teacher’s Toolkit is a comprehensive solution designed to empower teachers and streamline their workflow. This all-in-one platform combines a wealth of features, allowing teachers to effortlessly create structured lesson plans with diverse content, design personalized assessments for their classes, and record live lectures to foster a more engaging and interactive learning environment for students. 

Let us now see, How to Use a Tablet for Teaching with iPrep Coach?

Tips and Tricks for Maximum Classroom Engagement

Image highlighting features of  iPrep Coach by iDream Education designed for tablet for teaching

Lecture Recording and Screencasting

With iPrep Coach on tablets, teachers can effortlessly record lectures both inside and outside the classroom. This fosters a culture of personalized lesson creation, enabling teachers to craft video resources for revision, broadcast on TV screens when they are unavailable in cases of administrative tasks, or share with colleagues for teaching in their absence. Further, teacher-recorded lectures can become invaluable resources for absent students, allowing them to catch up seamlessly. 

Creating Personalized Assessments

With iPrep Coach on tablets, teachers can create personalized assessments, streamlining the creation and delivery of tests/practice. Teachers can craft assessments in a structured format, tailoring them for general practice or adaptive learning sessions. The intuitive interface allows for easy input of questions and answer choices, and facilitates quick in-class practice sessions or comprehensive evaluations. This feature enhances the learning experience by enabling teachers to deliver targeted assessments that align with individual student needs and conduct collaborative classroom activities aligned with lessons.

Create Personalized Content

iPrep Coach on teacher tabs empowers them to become creators of their educational resources. With this, teachers can leverage their subject matter expertise to design and upload personalized materials in a wide array of formats, including videos, notes, assessments, and interactive presentations. This flexibility allows teachers to tailor their lessons to the unique needs and preferences of their students, enhancing engagement and fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter. This enhances teaching from a reliance on pre-existing content to an empowering journey of creation and innovation. iPrep coach on teacher tabs will not only make classroom teaching effective and engaging but also support your continuous professional development as mentioned in NEP 2020. 

Created Structured Lesson Plans

iPrep Coach empowers teachers to create comprehensive and systematic lesson plans, centralizing all relevant resources in one convenient location. Structured lesson plans are essential for effective teaching, ensuring easy comprehension, fostering collaboration, and enhancing overall learning within the classroom. Without adequate preparation, classroom sessions may leave some concepts unexplained or inadequately discussed, hindering student understanding. Ability to create structured lesson plans on iPrep Coach teachers get clarity on the topics to be taught using content from different resources seamlessly. This approach streamlines the teaching process and makes the subject matter easily comprehensible for all students.

Access to curriculum-aligned content

iPrep Coach empowers teachers with instant access to a vast library of curriculum-aligned digital content, streamlining lesson planning and delivery. Teachers can seamlessly integrate engaging animated lessons, practice questions, syllabus books, and concise notes into their classroom sessions. This wealth of resources is conveniently available on a tablet for teaching, enabling teachers to quickly refer to textbooks, plan lessons, and access relevant materials on the go. By leveraging iPrep’s readily available content, teachers can save valuable time and focus on delivering impactful, interactive lessons that cater to diverse learning styles.

Access to teaching reports and content usage

iPrep Coach empowers teachers with comprehensive data-driven insights into their teaching practices. By tracking detailed information such as specific topics taught, duration of lessons, and types of videos used, teachers can gain a granular view of their classroom activities.  Moreover, iPrep Coach on a tablet for teaching provides an overview of average teaching time with digital and personalized content, number of uploads, and usage statistics categorized by subject, class, and language. This holistic approach equips teachers with a deeper understanding of their instructional methods and the impact of digital resources, enabling them to make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

The fusion of iPrep Coach with a Tablet for Teaching can undeniably enhance the classroom experience 

While we’ve explored some essential tips and tricks, the true potential lies in the hands of teachers, who can use iPrep Coach on tablets to elevate their teaching approach through innovation and creativity. By embracing this synergy, we can update teacher tablets to a comprehensive teaching solution.

For integrating iPrep Coach on tablets for teaching or seeking a comprehensive teacher tablet solution, please contact us at +91 9501110665 or write to us at

Ayushi Agarwal is an Assistant Manager - Marketing & Content Writing at iDream Education. With 7+ years of writing, her focus has shifted passionately to education over the past two years. Her dedication lies in researching and crafting content around solutions that address learning gaps, drive sustainable digital learning programs, empower last-mile learners, and ensure educational access for all. This commitment makes her work a valuable asset for social sector leaders seeking to drive change.

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