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Aligning with NEP 2020: How Can You Empower Students with Teacher-Created Content at Their Fingertips

Image Showing iPrep content creation platform designed in alignment with National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) for comprehensive goals for teacher development

In the digital age, the vast expanse of online educational content promises a world of knowledge at our fingertips. However, the ambiguity lies in the fact that while there are abound resources, students and teachers alike still struggle to navigate this sea of information and locate materials that truly align with their specific curriculum and state standards. The overwhelming volume of content can make it difficult to decide what is truly relevant and applicable to their unique educational needs.

This is where the crucial role of teacher-created content comes to the forefront. 

Teachers are the heart of the education system. They possess an understanding of learning needs, interests, styles, curriculum objectives, and state requirements. Their expertise allows them to create content and deliver lessons that are not only directly relevant but also engaging and effective for their students. This personalized approach to teaching makes a world of difference in enhancing student learning outcomes. Further, personalized classroom instruction empowers students to revisit explanations and develop a deeper understanding. This can bridge the gap between available resources and actual educational needs.

What are we doing?

The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) outlines comprehensive goals for teacher development. 

  • It aims to foster Continuous Professional Development for teachers. This is to ensure they are updated with the latest pedagogical approaches and subject matter expertise. 
  • Additionally, NEP 2020 aims to strengthen teacher training programs. This is to equip teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge from the outset of their careers. 
  • The National Education Policy also emphasizes the integration of technology in education. With this, the aim is to enhance teaching methodologies and provide teachers with tools to create engaging and effective learning experiences.

In alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020’s vision to empower teachers and leverage technology for educational enhancement, we have developed the iPrep Content Creation Platform. The platform is designed and developed to recognize the invaluable expertise that teachers possess in their respective subjects. The platform provides a user-friendly and accessible way for teachers to create high-quality, engaging educational content. 

By enabling teachers to share their deep understanding of topics on a large scale, we are directly fulfilling several key goals of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 as well:

  • Equitable and Inclusive Education:  Providing access to high-quality content from teachers across the state/country helps bridge educational disparities between students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. This ensures that all students, regardless of their location or school, have equal learning opportunities. 
  • Promoting Excellence in Teaching:  Recognizing and rewarding teachers for their expertise through wider reach and recognition encourages them to continuously improve their teaching methods and content. This fosters a culture of excellence in the teaching profession, ultimately benefiting students and their outcomes.
  • Encouraging Use of Technology: Sharing educational content online aligns with NEP 2020’s emphasis on leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences. This not only makes quality education more accessible but also prepares students for a digital future.
  • Teacher Empowerment:  Providing a platform for teachers to showcase their knowledge and skills empowers them as professionals. This empowerment motivates them to innovate and create better learning materials, contributing to a more dynamic and effective education system.
  • Multidisciplinary Education: The diverse expertise of teachers can be shared across subjects and disciplines, enriching the learning experience for students. This aligns with NEP 2020’s vision of a multidisciplinary approach to education that nurtures well-rounded individuals.

By facilitating the large-scale sharing of teacher-created content, we can create a more engaging and inclusive learning system, that aligns with the core principles of NEP 2020. This approach not only benefits students directly but also has a positive ripple effect on the entire education system. 

iPrep Content Creation Platform for Teacher-Created Content

Image showing Comprehensive learning solution: iPrep content creation platform for teacher-created content by iDream Education
  •  It is the integration of three distinct apps: Student, Teacher, and Super Admin 
  • The access to content is only with beneficiaries of the program
  • Students can access both pre-loaded content and teacher-created content.
  • Teachers, on the other hand, have access to both iPrep’s extensive content library and a creation mode. This empowers them to record lessons, design assessments, and create videos tailored to individual students or entire classes.
  • Crucially, the Super Admin app plays a quality control role. All teacher-created content undergoes review and approval by the Super Admin (program heads). With the approval of the program manager, the content is visible to all students using iPrep in the particular program. This ensures the rollout of a high standard of learning materials to the students in the program across the state. Additionally, teachers can easily track the approval status of their content within the app.

Empowering teachers to create content can help us enable personalized instruction, deepen student understanding, nurture teacher growth, and promote quality education. As we move forward, embracing this approach can be key to creating a dynamic and content-centric educational landscape where every student thrives and teachers are recognized as the creators of their classrooms.

Stay tuned for the comprehensive blog on how the iPrep Content Creation works! Or in case you would like to plan a comprehensive education program visit us at Facilitating Universal Access to Learning & Growth ( or write to us [email protected]

Ayushi Agarwal is an Assistant Manager - Marketing & Content Writing at iDream Education. With 7+ years of writing, her focus has shifted passionately to education over the past two years. Her dedication lies in researching and crafting content around solutions that address learning gaps, drive sustainable digital learning programs, empower last-mile learners, and ensure educational access for all. This commitment makes her work a valuable asset for social sector leaders seeking to drive change.

[email protected]

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