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Governors’ Conference on NEP 2020 – In Nutshell

The government of India announced National Policy on Education 2020 after 34 years of the previous Education Policy. They announced the previous one in 1986. Hence it is the first education policy of the 21st century.

At the Conference, the Honorable Prime Minister shared that they started working on NEP five years ago. Further, he added that suggestions of more than two lakh people, both rural and urban, have been incorporated to formulate the NEP 2020 policy.

Key Highlights of his speech

  • Students can now choose and study subjects as per their interests. We shall remove the pressure on students for specific streams.
  • Practical learning and vocational exposure in the early years will help develop tremendous talent and be the foundation for Atmanirbhar Bharat.
  • Further, the new policy lays emphasis on practicality, performance, critical analysis, and assessment.
  • In addition to that, children will learn about their culture, language, and heritage at the foundation level, which will ensure holistic learning and growth. 
  • Also, an Academic Bank of Credit, or ABC, will be established to digitally store the academic credits earned from various recognized higher educational institutes. It will further ensure that the credits earned in the previous years add up after entering into the programme again.
  • At last it is believed that NEP 2020 is a strong step to move from a “one size fits all” approach to a personalized and non judgemental approach to education. 

Some more pointers on his speech:

Key highlights of President Kovind’s address

He also outlined that: 

  • NEP 2020 requires joint and coordinated action by the Center and the States.
  • To strengthen the culture of research, all universities and higher educational institutions will have to work with the National Research Foundation.
  • Indian languages, art, and culture have been given priority in NEP 2020.

The conference and the visionary remarks of both leaders had clear indications. They indicated that NEP is a transformational step forward towards progressive and holistic education for the future. 

In the iPrep App, we have already started including Life Skills, Digital Books on holistic education, and different interest areas as a premise for implementing the NEP with Digital Content. 

At iDream Education, we have been strongly advocating the need for a personalized and non-judgemental environment, and we believe that this shall transform how our students learn and grow into flourishing citizens of a glorious nation. 

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