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Convert Old Mobile Phones into Learning Phones

how to convert old phone for learning

Convert your Old Mobile Phones into Learning Phones and support under-served kids around you to continue their learning

This short write up will help you with one very good way in which you can convert an old phone into a learning phone. The phone that was merely lying in your cupboard with a layer of dust on it, could belong to a kid who can use it for learning in these times.

This lockdown has touched every aspect of our lives irrespective of our social, cultural, religious and economic background. With schools being closed and no definite plan to open them anytime soon, education and learning of our students is perhaps worst affected.

Your kids must have moved on and would have hopefully by now adjusted to the new norm of attending online classes and then receiving supplementary learning material in yours or their email. But did you check with your house help or your driver or the security guard of your building, if their kids are able to continue their education. In case you haven’t done, please do it immediately.

Unfortunately the under-served students who attend government schools, even after 4 months of lockdown have still not managed to achieve any degree of normalcy with respect to their learning.

What if some of these simply dropout of school; what if girl students are forced to attend to household chores?

This is a huge loss to our nation building because you must remember that as much as your kids will be a part of the next gen, even these kids will play a huge role in how India progresses in the 21st century.

Government has been trying with many successful and not so successful attempts, many NGOs are making their own efforts but it is time you ask yourself, how can you contribute?

And if you genuinely want to, here’s one very simple way:

  • Do you have an old smartphone in your home that still works?
  • Do you have its charger?

If yes, please take out that phone, if it requires minor repair, please get it done.

And then you can download the iDream Learning App from Google play store and convert your phone into a learning phone. If you give this phone to your building’s staff members or someone who really need it, it will mean that you are actually are enabling their kids to continue their learning in their own language from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Please make sure that they buy a SIM Card and insert it into these phones so that the internet can work and students can seamlessly learn from the app.

You may wonder, how this app will help in learning.

Well here’s how:

1. The app gives students access to enjoyable educational and life skills digital content in various subjects and classes 1st to 10th. In some states, there is even content for classes 11th and 12th

2. All content is in local language and aligned as per their state boards. Students can choose to learn in Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali and Oriya

3. The app has animated video lessons for building concepts, project & activity videos for practical learning, a vast collection of books for holistic growth and an amazing collection of short stories and videos on basic life skills like health, hygiene, sanitation and much much more. Such content will definitely keep students engaged and excited for learning

And if you download the app on your phones too, you may notice the best thing about the app. The students can change their class anytime and learn anything. One of the biggest challenges that these students face is learning gaps from previous classes and there is no provision for them to bridge those. Well, with the iDream Learning App, this is now possible.

When you give the learning phone, we would be grateful if you could spend 2 minutes and tell people about these benefits. It would enable their kids to better utilise the app for their learning and growth.

iDream Coach App

For those of you who wish to get involved more actively, there’s iDream Coach App, which we have especially built for teachers, NGO coordinators and volunteers like you.

You can download this app from Google play store and then create a virtual class on your dashboard. Any student you wish to support, you can add them to your virtual class via a code. The students of course need to have the iDream Learning App on their phones.

You can then start using the Coach App to assign your students video lessons, chapters from their books and practice questions.

As students do their tasks, you will get to see their reports on your phone. This will help you understand them better and you can then provide them with personalized feedback. You can also guide them and resolve their doubts via the chat feature especially built for this purpose.

Here are the links to both the apps:

iDream Learning App: 

iDream Coach App: Will upload the same shortly

Let’s not wait anymore. If you feel connected to what you have read so far, you should get up, take out your old phone, check once if it is working fine and then download the iDream Learning App. On the next event that you meet your house help, your driver, your building’s guard or the guy who comes and takes care of your plants, ask them if they have kids at home struggling with learning. If they say yes, please give them the learning phone. And do guide them in the best ways possible on how to use it for learning.

The difference that we can make by educating our next gen cannot be expressed in words and measured in numbers. It’s impact is beyond what our eyes can see and what our minds can even think of.

So let’s not wait, let’s get going!

Remember to share with us your stories of change. Write to us at and we will post these positive stories on our social media handles.

PS: If you would like to contribute in a bigger way, you can also organize an old phone collection drive in your office or society where you live. We can pre-install the learning app on each mobile phone we collect before delivering it to the one in need.


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At iDream Education, we work with a vision to facilitate universal access to learning and growth. Our solutions are designed to break the learning barriers and empower students to Learn Unlimited.

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