Indian Govt launches Vidyadaan 2.0 on DIKSHA App – a great initiative during the covid crisis

Recognizing the need for good quality educational content for school students during coronavirus enforced restrictions, Govt of India launched a national programme VidyaDaan 2.0 on 22nd April, 2020 and invited e-learning content contributions from the education fraternity.

The content will be used on DIKSHA app to help millions of children across the country to continue their learning anytime, anywhere.

Introducing Vidyadaan 2.0, the MHRD Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ said

“VidyaDaan is conceptualized as a common national program for individuals and organizations across the country to donate/contribute e-learning resources for both school and higher education to ensure continuity of quality learning. “

“I believe that for those whose contribution will be included in initiation e-learning material, it will be a matter of pride and an opportunity to create a national identity,” adds the Minister.

DIKSHA App and its benefit to students

The DIKSHA App was launched in 2017 by the MHRD and Ek Step team, with the objective of creating a central free repository of crowd sourced digital content for state education departments to use via linking the content to their textbooks via energized bar codes. 

The teachers and students can scan the code and watch the videos from the mobile app. Additionally, the content is also available to be viewed and learnt from, through the DIKSHA website and mobile app. 

Vidyadaan 2.0 for DIKSHA

The Vidyadaan 2.0 has been launched in 2020 to bring together the best of educational content on the government platform to support school students with continued education at homes, and create a central content repository for all subjects and all classes 1st to 12th for school curriculum. 

All the details of the Vidyadaan program are available on the website:

iDream Education has been a content donor to DIKSHA since 2019

We find it worthy to share that even before the Coronavirus pandemic, at iDream Education we had shared more than 300 animated video lessons from classes 1st to 10th covering subjects of Math, EVS and Science in both English and Hindi Medium. 

Our content is available on DIKSHA Platform here:

iDream Education is focussed on social edtech with a vision to take enjoyable digital education to every last mile rural student and therefore the content contribution to DIKSHA Platform is a part of our intent to serve the millions of govt school students. 

In the current times, iDream Education has also launched a free app, the iDream Learning App,  as a social initiative in these times to ensure best learning content reaches our students in their homes.  

You can know more about the app and the content coverage by iDream Education on the web page here:

Additional Content Contribution plans by iDream Education

With this contribution call by the honorable HRD Minister, we shall explore the possibilities of further contributing additional content to the Vidyadaan 2.0 and DIKSHA platform. 

iDream Education is committed to serving the last mile students and govt schools of our country in the best way we can.

We would also like to make a call to all the content developers and NGOs who have built or are building educational content to feel inspired, come forward and contribute to Vidyadaan. This is an amazing opportunity for all of us to connect, collaborate and together lead the last mile learning access mission in the current times. 

Jai Hind.

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