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The Dream of Every Child Matters: PM Cares Scheme

PM Narendra Modi Writes Individual Letters To Cover 4,000 Beneficiaries Of PM CARES For Children Scheme

More than 4000 children across India will get support from the PM Cares Fund.

“Maa Bharti is Always with you,” said Honorable PM Modi Ji. This was to show compassion to the ones suffering from the loss. 

In an emotional personal letter sent to over 4,000 beneficiaries, PM Modi ji highlighted the grief his family had suffered several years ago, when he had lost his maternal grandmother due to a pandemic. He wrote about how he has seen his mother suffer from the pain of losing her mother at a very early age. He further added, “My mother spent her entire life in the absence of her mother”. Therefore, “I can totally understand the turmoil in your head and heart”, -said Modi Ji.

Addressing beneficiaries across the Indian States via video conference PM Modi Ji also said, “At present, poorest of poor is confident because they know they will be supported by government schemes”. 

Children who lost their parents in the span of 11th March 2020 to 28th February 2022 are eligible for PM Cares Scheme. Almost 4439 children have been approved for the same. 

Benefits covered under the PM cares scheme for children

Some benefits the PM cares scheme will cover for these children are as below:

  • Free school education, uniforms, and textbooks from the nearest government schools. The children who are in private schools can apply for fee reimbursement under the Right to Education Act, 2005
  • Monthly financial assistance to an individual before they attain the age of 18 years and Rs10 lakh to be given when the beneficiaries turn 23 Years old
  • Beneficiaries in classes 1st to 12th will also receive a monthly scholarship worth Rs 20,000 from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
  • Scholarship of Rs. 2.5 lakh per year to the beneficiaries for studying in higher educational institutions like IITs and IIMs
  • Up to Rs 5 lakh of health insurance coverage up to the age of 18 under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana
  • Payment of insurance premium by PM Cares Fund

This scheme will help children dream freely as PM Modi ji has assured that there will be no lack of efforts in helping these children realise their dreams. These 4000 letters were written in English, Hindi, and other local languages to reach the head and heart of each child across Indian districts.

In resonation with the step taken by our Honorable PM Modi Ji to benefit children who have lost their parents during COVID-19, it is important for each one of us to help these children fulfil their dream to learn and grow. 

How iDream Education aligns with the vision of our Honourable PM Narendra Modi Ji?

The golden future of children suffering from loss could turn into a golden future for a country. We at iDream Education align with the vision of our Honourable PM Narendra Modi Ji of empowering every student to dream of education and fulfilling it. In line with PM Modi’s aspirations, we are working to empower every student across India by facilitating access to enjoyable academic & skill-based digital learning content. Further, just like the approach of Modi Ji of writing letters in English, Hindi, and other local languages, we also understand the diverse learning needs of our students and hence facilitate access to content in Hindi, English, and other regional languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali and Oriya via our tablet, Chromebook, mobile and Smart class-based solutions. 

The dream of every child is our dream, and to accomplish this, we have been closely working with state governments, government schools, and our CSR partners to make education accessible for all. 

The Dream of Every Child Matters 

-iDream Education 

If in case you would like to know more about our digital learning solutions, comment below or write to us at share@idreameducation.org


Ayushi Agarwal is an Assistant Manager - Marketing & Content Writing at iDream Education. For 6+ years, she has been writing to create an impact through her powerful content on humanity, equality, and many more issues that have been a key part of today’s world.


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